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Accueil/Logiciels PC/Creation d'un Paysage Alien dans Photoshop [FS][FSO][UDE]

Creation d'un Paysage Alien dans Photoshop

16/01/2012 - Lu 1673 fois - Posteur: kleosnake

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Creation d'un Paysage Alien dans Photoshop
Description en Anglais :

-- > The Orion Nebula is so large and so bright that if you were standing on a planet orbiting a star inside it, the nebula would light up the sky, even in daylight. In this Psd Premium tutorial, author Ed Lopez will show what a world in the Orion Nebula might look like. In the process, he will show you how to apply snow to the ground, create frozen waterfalls, ice sickles, planets, stars, and even how to create the nebula in the background. This tutorial is available exclusively to Premium Members. If you would like to take your matte painting and photo manipulation skills to the next level.

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